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Characters, weapons, arcana, and levels in “Vampire Survivors Secrets” are unlocked.

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Looking to unlock all the hidden content in Vampire Survivors Secrets so you can challenge yourself with new characters, weapons, items, and Arcana as well as new levels or stages? We are your one-stop resource for information, so stop looking elsewhere.

With hundreds of hours of playable material for less than the cost of a fast food lunch, Vampire Survivors features a tonne of secret, unlockable stuff to find.Additionally, it is included in our ranking of the top Steam Deck games to play in 2023.

You can find a detailed list of all the information on the Vampire Survivors’ secret unlocks below, along with any requirements or actions you must follow to unlock them in the game.

  • A list of all potential evolutions is provided in our explanation of the Vampire Survivors’ weapon evolutions system, which you should read.

The requirements you must fulfill to Unlock the each character in in this are listed below: 

Arca – Attain level 4 of the Fire Wand

Infernas of the Avatar: Get the Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons from the Inverted Inlaid Library before getting the Greatest Jubilee weapon.

Turn to the right of the map and hug the top wall when you get to the purple trickster playing the piano.

. Kill them, walk over to the piano, and start playing the notes the birds had underlined. After entering the spawning coffins, fight the summoned boss.

Bianca Ramba: Kill 3,000 milk elementals in total in the dairy plant

Big Trouser: Completely upgrade each of Moongolow’s 16 passive items

Boon Defeat the shadow in the Mad Forest in Marrabbio.

Start by gathering the Skull and Pummarola objects, then gather chickens by burning braziers until pies appear, then gather pies till the shadow shows up.

Christine: Complete level 7 of the Pentagram.

Clerici: Recover 1,000 HP in total.

Find the casket in Gallo Tower, Concetta, and open it.

Cosmo The Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons, as well as the Gemini Arcana, can be obtained by Pavone by beginning a run in Capella Magna without any eggs. Pick up a nduja fritta from the surrounding balcony to unlock a gate, then proceed inside to the Crown and Tiragisu items.

Divano: Unlock the weapon evolution of the Crimson Shroud

Dommario: Accumulate 5,000 coins in one run.

Exdash: From the main menu, enter “x-x1viiq”

Gains Boros: In the Bone Zone, turn north and look for the green circle with flowers.

Gallo: Unlock the progression of weapons in the infinite corridor

Giovanna: Locate the coffin in the Inlaid Library and open it.

Gyorunton: Use only one weapon for fifteen minutes in Boss Rash.

Krochi: Kill 100,000 opponents overall

Lama: Maintain a curse for 20 minutes.

Leda: From the beginning, move south to defeat Leda in the Gallow Tower.

Defeat the werewolves in the dairy plant in Minnah Mannarah. Pick Mad Groove Arcana first, then gather the cheese that appears to be missing.N – Once the Yellow Sign is unlocked, enter the Green Acres level using the Hyper and Hurry modes. Until the display jerks, head southwest and destroy 128 winged gigantic eyes.

Mortaccio: Get rid of 3,000 skeletons in total.

O’Sole Meeo: Take down 3,000 Dragon Shrimps in total at Gallo Tower.

Peppino: Use Celestial Dusting on the plants in Il Molise to heal them for 100,000 HP

Poe: Reach level seven of Garlic

Poppea: Locate the casket in the dairy plant and open it.

Queen Sigma: Finish the collection.

Random name: Look beneath a previously found coffin on any map for a random name.

Red death:  Kill the dead once the timer expires with Red Death (needs the Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor)

Score oni: Play the Tiny Bridge level in Score-Oni and defeat the boss by going all the way to the right.

Smith: Click “Start” and enter the word “spam” in the character select menu, then select a character and enter the word “spam” in the stage select menu. Choose an Arcana at the beginning of the level, then type “humbug” to unlock the character.

Sir Ambrojoe: Cappella Magan victory over 6,000 stage killers

toastie: Toastie appears in the bottom right corner of the screen after killing a Stalker or Drowner adversary, press both the down arrow and enter keys.

Yatta Cavallo: Take down 3,000 lion heads in total.

Find and open the coffin in Cappella Magan as Zi’Assunta Belpahese.

vampire survivors secrets

Vampire Survivors Secrets Weapon is Unlock

Here are all the weapons that can be unlocked, along with the requirements for doing so. 

Bracelet: Complete each 30-minute level with Gallo or Divano to earn a bracelet. 

Candybox: Unlock every standard weapon evolution and union with a candy box.

Cross – Break candles till a rosary is revealed.

Cygnus: Use Arcana I with Peachone in Cygnus.

Ebony Wings: Reach level seven on Peachone using Ebony Wings.

Eight the Sparrow: Use the Pugnala Fire Wand to survive for ten minutes. – Destroy 20 sources of light

Flock Destroyer: Locate five Floor Chickens and use Arcana I with Gatto Amari Garlic.

Gatto Amari’s “Giovanna: How to Survive 15 Minutes”

Greatest Jubilee: Return to Eudaimonia M. a third time, converse with the entity, and take out the boss to complete the Greatest Jubilee.

Lancet: Breaking candles until an Orologion appears can help you find a Lancet.

Lightning Ring: 5,000 adversaries must be eliminated in total.

Peachone: Survive for 10 minutes with any character on Peachone

Phiera Der Tuphello: 15 Minutes with Pugnala to Survive

Red Muscle: Use Arcana I for Red Muscle The Phiera Der Tuphello

Runetracer: Survive for five minutes with Pasqualina in Runetracer.

Music of Mana – Get along with Poppea for 15 minutes.

Twice upon a time: Use Eight the Sparrow and Arcana I in Twice Upon a Time.

Vento Sacro: With Zi’Assunta, endure for fifteen minutes.

Victory Sword: Run with Queen Sigma and defeat 100,000 foes.

Zhar Ptytsia: Use Arcana I with Ebony Wings in Zhar Ptytsia

The secret item in Vampire Survivors is unlocked.

Bracelet and Bi-Bracelet Evolution: 500 Gold

Banish #1: Complete the collection with 50 entries

Banish #2 and complete the collection’s 60 entries

Banish #3 and complete the collection’s 70 entries.

Delete #4 and complete the collection’s 80 entries

Fill 90 entries in the collection to banish #5.

Find the Ars Gouda Bracer in the Dairy Plant by following the green arrow in the bestiary. – Increase King Bible’s level to 4.

Get Santa Water to level four in Candelabrador. Break candles to find a Little Clover.

Crown: Complete level 10.

Have six distinct weapons in an empty tome.

Kill the Bone Orb in the Bone Zone in the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane 

In Eudaimonia M, respond to the query in Gracia’s Mirror.

Follow the green arrow in the Inlaid Library to the Grim Grimoire. 

Survive for one minute with any character in Hollow Heart.

Limit Break: After defeating the Ender boss in Cappella Magna at the conclusion of a run, pick up the Great Gospel. 

Play the Inlaid Library level in Magic Banger, then take a little leftward stroll.

Magnet: Discover a hoover by snuffing out candles

Follow the green arrow in the dairy plant to find the Milky Way on the map. 

50 entries must be filled out in this Mindbender. 

Get Torrona’s Box to level nine in Omni.

Pentagram: Survive with any character for 20 minutes.

Reroll #1: Level 80 with Mortaccio Reroll #2: Level 80 with Yatta Cavallo Reroll #3: Level 80 with Bianca Ramba Randomazzo: Find the Randomazzo in Gallo Tower

Reroll #4: Get O’Sole Meeo to level 80. Reroll #5: Get Ambrojoe Seal to level 80. – Remove 10 or more things in one go. 

Seventh Trumpet: After utilizing Gracia’s Mirror on any level, go back to Eudaimonia M. 

Survival with Lama for 30 minutes on Skill O’Maniac

Skip #1: Survive in Green Acres for 30 minutes. 

Skip #2: Survive in Il Molise for 15 minutes.

Skip #3 and endure The Bone Zone for 30 minutes.

Skip #4: Survive in Moongolow for 15 minutes.

Skip #5 and play Boss Rash for 15 minutes.

Find the sorceress’ tears in the Gallo Tower. 

Get Runetracer to level seven with Spellbinder.

Play the Inlaid Library level in Stone Mask, then take a short rightward stroll.

Tiragisu – Use Krochi Torrona’s Box to stay alive for 20 minutes – Have six different weapon evolutions

Reach level five in Wings.

Secret Arcana of Vampire Survivors is unlocked.

Here are all the Arcana of  Vampire Survivors Secrets that can be unlocked, along with the requirements for doing so: 

0 Game Killer: At the conclusion of a run, eliminate the Ender boss in Capella Magna. 

I Gemini – Unlock the Randomazzo and level up Pugnala to 50.

Reach level 50 with Dommario after obtaining the Randomazzo in II Twilight Requiem.

III Tragic Princess: After unlocking the Randomazzo, level up Porta to 50.

Reach level 50 with Krochi after obtaining the Randomazzo in IV Awake.

After unlocking the Randomazzo, level up to 50 with Giovanna in V Chaos in the Dark Night.

Get the Randomazzo open is the sixth Sarabande of Healing.

VII Iron Blue Will: After unlocking the Randomazzo, level up Gennaro to 50.

After unlocking the Randomazzo, complete the eighth Mad Groove by spending 31 minutes in the Mad Forest.

IX Divine Bloodline: After gaining access to the Randomazzo, level up Suor Clerci to 50.

After obtaining the Randomazzo, Antonio must level up to 50.

Reach level 50 in XI Walts of Pearls with Imelda after gaining access to the Randomazzo.

Reach 31 minutes in the Gallo Tower after opening the Randomazzo for XII Out of Bounds.

Reach level 50 with Christine in the XIII Wicked Season after gaining access to the Randomazzo.

Reach level 50 with Pasqualina in the XIV Jail of Crystal after gaining access to the Randomazzo.

XV Disco of Gold: After unlocking the Randomazzo, spend 31 minutes in the Inlaid Library.

XVI Slash: After obtaining the Randomazzo, level 50 with Lama.

After unlocking the Randomazzo, level 50 with Poppea and complete the XVII Lost and Found Painting.

XVIII Boogaloo of Illusions: After gaining access to the Randomazzo, level 50 with Concetta.

Reach level 50 with Arca after obtaining the Randomazzo in XIX Heart of Fire.

Reach 31 minutes in the Dairy Plant after unlocking the Randomazzo to access the XX Silent Old Sanctuary.

Reach level 50 in XXI Blood Astronmia with Poe after gaining access to the Randomazzo.

Vampire Survivors Secrets Legacy of Moonspell is revealed.

The requirements for each level (or stage) that can be unlocked are listed below:

Boss Rash: Unlock Hyper mode for each of the game’s five standard stages.

Reach level 80 in the Gallo Tower to join Cappella Magna.

Reach level 40 in the Inlaid Library for the Dairy Plant.

The Eudaimonia Machine becomes available once all stages’ Relics have been collected. 

Reach level 60 in the Dairy Plant in Gallo Tower.

Green Acres: Open Hyper mode for two of the regular stages.

After spending 15 minutes in Moongolow with a non-secret character, Holy Forbidden becomes available. 

Unlock Hyper mode for one regular stage in Il Molise.

Reach level 20 in the Mad Forest for Inlaid Library.

Moongolow: Unlock Hyper mode for the game’s first four stages.

Unlocking Hyper mode for three regular stages in The Bone Zone

After levelling up to 80 in Gallo Tower on Inverse mode, Tiny Bridge becomes available. 

Vampire Survivors  Legacy of Moonspell secret is revealed.

The Vampire Survivors Secrets Legacy of Moonspell expansion adds a number of additional secret unlocks, all of which are listed below. 

108 Bocce: 15 minutes of McCoy-Oni survival

50,000 coins – Evolution of the 50,000 Mille Bolle Blu coins Evolve the Night Sword Babi-Onna and the Summon Night Mt. Moonspell, which can be obtained after purchasing DLC and starting the game.

By eliminating the boss in the northeast coffin in Mount Moonspell, you can unlock Mian Moonspell.

Travel north in Mount Moonspell and ascent the peak to obtain the Night Sword. Go beyond the Oni after you reach the Oni-filled cave and towards the skeleton boss to find the weapon.

Four Seasons: Menya Moonspell Helps You Survive 15 Minutes

6000 Kappa are defeated by Gav’ Et-Oni at a lake northwest of Mount Moonspell.

Hyper Mt. Moonspell: On Mt. Moonspell, defeat the boss Orochimario in the 25th minute.

To Evolve the Mirage by McCoy-Oni Robe

Megalo Menya: Use Menya Moonspell to defeat 100,000 foes in a single run.

Megalo Syuuto: Use Syuuto Moonspell to defeat 100,000 foes in a single run.

Evolved the Silver Wind by Menya Moonspell

Mirage Robe: Survive for 15 minutes with Babi-Onna Silver Wind; Miang Moonspell: Survive for 15 minutes.

Using Syuuto Moonspell, you can survive for 15 minutes in the game “Evolve the Four Seasons Summon Night.”

That concludes our tutorial on how to obtain the Vampire Survivors Secrets hidden unlocks; you now understand how to obtain each character, item, level, weapon, and Arcana. For quick access to levels, characters, and more in Vampire Survivors, be sure to also look at how to unlock and use all cheats.

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