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Discord Exploring Sale that Could Be Worth More Than $10 Billion

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Discord, a popular social conversing application, well known for its voice messaging and texting services is said to be going public, for a sale worth more than $10 Billion. Multiple sources have announced the same, however, Discord has not yet confirmed the deal.

About Instant Communication App Discord

Discord is an instant communication app, co-founded and delivered by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy in 2015 for the very first time. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, the United States of America. The concept of Discord is revolutionary in the gaming world, used by popular gaming companies and users worldwide. The current valuation of Discord is in Billions with a lot of massive funding rounds. Before Discord, Jason Citron founded “Hammer and Chisel”, a studio for developing games, and released a “MOBA” game, which didn’t turn out successful. Discord has not revealed anything amid the company’s public offering rumors.

Sources Discord 10b Takahashiventurebeat

According to sources, numerous organizations are looking forward to the offering of Discord, which is the reason for the talk regarding the popular messaging application’s deal for going public. The current Chief Executive Officer of Discord is Jason Citron, who also founded OpenFeint which got acquired by Gree for a massive amount of $104 Million. The Gree-acquired “OpenFeint” is permanently closed now due to some reasons. Meanwhile, the other founder, Stanislav Vishnevskiy also founded another gaming application called “Guildwork”. as per sources Discord 10b takahashiventurebeat.

Discord is currently used by Millions of users, making it a highly profitable conversing application globally, however, according to the company itself, it is not in a profit-making stage currently i.e., is not stable yet, is in a growth phase which somehow indicates that the decision of releasing its public offerings might be too early as of now, according to sources. Some competitors of Discord in the market include Chanty, Slack, TeamSpeak, Flock, and others. Discord is being widely used amid the pandemic years, which contributes highly to the profit achieved by the company.

sources microsoft discord 10b streetjournal

According to Wall Street Journal, the revenue of discord uplifted from $45 Million in 2019 to approximately $130 Million at the end of 2020, which is no doubt a great benchmark to achieve. Discord is one of those companies which doesn’t facilitates advertisement on its platform for a smooth and non-disturbed user experience. The company provides a revenue-based service known as the “Nitro Subscription “, which is currently availed by multiple users.

The rumors of Discord being sold are continuing since 2018, when the initial amount for its sale was held at around $2 Billion, according to some sources. The recent deal is not confirmed yet as the company has not released its decision on the same as of now. There might be a probability of the reverse of the rumored decision.  The news was confirmed by numerous sources. For this deal, Discord is also said to have collaborated with “Qatalyst Partners”, which also joined with Discord previously for the same purpose, back in 2018. The rumored deal sounds massive, but it is bringing a situation of a dilemma for some popular gaming companies all over the world, regarding the new buyer policies and transformations regarding the application as per sources microsoft discord 10b streetjournal.

In accordance with some sources and some past acquisitions by popular companies such as Microsoft and Amazon, it might happen that Discord will become more specific to a particular organization, which is the main reason behind the concern of multiple gaming firms. Nothing is confirmed yet regarding the buyer of the splendid communicating application. Discord has raised a funding amount of nearly $450 Million to date, having numerous popular investors including Menlo Park-based IVP, San Francisco-based Benchmark, Greylock, Bessemer Venture Partners, and many more.

The current amount for its sale is said to be nearly $10 Billion, which can easily escalate in some situations, a source said. From this, we can assume that Discord has a quite high value in the market.

The high and continuous upliftment in the secondary market share plays a major role in this impressive amount for the sale of the company. Discord is a significant application providing multiple features such as chatting, video calling, voice calling, and many more. It is widely used by gaming companies and users, globally, having quite a few gaming communities on its platform. Now what we have to see soon is whether this deal regarding the sale of Discord is going to happen or not, this time, and the company has not revealed anything confirmed regarding the matter.

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