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After $100 Billion, Self driving Cars Are Going Nowhere

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Self-driving cars are autonomously driven vehicles that don’t need any manual participation in traveling. For many years now, we are aware of these Driverless Cars being around the corner, but still, after almost a decade, it looks like a long way to go. Max Chafkin, a reporter at Bloomberg has joined this podcast with Anthony Lewandowski, a pioneer of autonomous car technology to talk about the hurdles and the future talks about these self-driven vehicles. 

The podcast started with the problem statement that why these autonomous vehicles still look like a long way and driverless cars will run smoothly and safely if all the human-driven cars would be removed from the road and pedestrians should also behave for that.

It mentioned that Anthony Lewandowski developed the first driverless cars for companies such as Google, and Uber, and now he is functional in another direction for a company called Pronto and is not very convinced by the fact of operating self-driving cars in the real world. After this, Anthony was asked about his experience and how he imagined autonomous carts driven on the road along with human-driven cars.

Anthony spoke on the same about the inconvenience the folks and people are facing. He also talked about the thing that changed his perceptions of the fact of autonomous vehicles in the real world, stating that there are various experiments and demonstrations behind this. The next thing they talked about is the challenge and Anthony was asked about some AI-based scenarios for the challenges which Anthony addressed and said that there can be multiple scenarios in the universe and AI-based Software should build in that way to address and handle such situations and discussed some more examples and scenarios on the same.

They talked next about the statement that “Autonomous cars are always five years away “while Anthony addressed it as a difficult task as it is in talks since 2010 or earlier and everyone is very interested to know about the same. They also talked about the investments that numerous companies are doing in the same field. 

After the break, the podcast continued as Anthony has been asked about the different direction he took and the company ‘Pronto’ and what he is doing now. Anthony spoke on this that they are doing mining and construction automation while working in Pronto. He describes the process thoroughly in the podcast, also about they are driving off-road and not on-road. Anthony said that the major objective behind this is to “Automate everything that is on the road “, however currently starting with off-road, after being asked about the same. 

Further, regarding Self-driving cars they talked about whether there will be a time when fully automated vehicles can be seen on the road or whether it would not be possible due to the experience and feel based on the human factor while Anthony addressed and said that there is no such need for humanness in the same and it is just a misinterpretation. There is no such fixed time they can say how much it would take to fully automate the process of operating cars on the road. 

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After this, the podcast continued with Max Chafkin. After the welcome, Max Chafkin was asked about mapping which he once introduced in his reports. he answered that it is important for the computer to make decisions, knowing about every part of the road and the discussion continued. He said on driverless cars are being compared to human-driven cars as driverless cars are something, that people are more excited about for some years now, which would be safe if human drives cars would be removed from the road and pedestrians, which he said cannot swap out at once should behave properly. 

They also talked about the fun of having driverless cars as you can take a nap easily while the car is being driven off and that seems interesting. He also talked about two companies that are Waymo and Cruise that are working in the same direction for some time. He also talked about reports from some customers who called autonomous cars as slow in speed than human-driven cars and explained it as they follow a speed limit partly. as per after 100bchafkinbloomberg

The podcast continued as they talked about some big problems the way and Max answered as there are multiple scenarios that the computer needs to know to address the same and there are almost infinite and that is the big problem here. They talked for some time about the big problems and then move forward to the last but not the least thing discussed here. They talked about government involvement in this as Max said that, At the DARPA Grand Challenge of the Defence Department, “ the government was involved in the original technology “ and also involved in research.

He continued that not really on the federal level but the government has been regulating this at a state level by giving some examples of states such as California, Arizona, and others and they are trying.  The podcast also continued with some questions regarding self-driving cars and the safety point of view of autonomous cars. Though these questions have no answers yet. 

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