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William Mebarak Chadid: Know About Popular Singer Shakira’s Father Biography

Shakira, a well-known singer and songwriter from Colombia, is the daughter of William Mebarak Chadid. The musician, known as the Queen of Latin Music, was born in Barranquilla.

William, Shakira’s Father, and She are More like Best Friends.

William Mebarak Chadid was born in Lebanon but moved to the United States when he was a little child. Previously. He was in charge of the company and successfully created his brands. He was prosperous but left everything behind to be with his daughter.

She is regarded as one of the most accomplished painters in the business, having grown her career smoothly, like her father. Her father, who is more of a friend to her than just a father, has published numerous volumes, including his daughter’s biography. His current line of work is writing.

Whom did William marry before Shakira’s mother?

William was an accomplished and successful businessperson. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado wasn’t his first pick, though. Ms Lucila Mebarak and Mr Chadid were wed. Nine children were born to the couple. However, one of them killed in a car accident.

The details of his prior partnerships were unknown. He afterwards met up with Nidia Ripoll.

Mrs Chadid, a housewife at the time, was also an amateur painter.

Ten children were born to William Mebarak Chadid.

The ten children of Mr Chadid. Even though one of his kids died in a vehicle accident, he now has nine kids. Although they all get along well, Shakira and Tonino Mebarak, in particular, share more and are frequently seen together. She has always travelled alongside Tonino, who serves as her road manager.

He was the one who had been by her side from the start of her professional life.

Including others like lawyer Alberto Mebarak, engineer Edward Mebarak, businessman Antonio Mebarak, Robin Mebarak, former FC Barcelona player Moises Mebarak, educator Patricia Mebarak, and physician Lucy Mebarak.

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Nidia Del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, William Mebarak’s Second Spouse

He later started dating Nidia after divorcing his first wife. When she was much younger, the lady adored drawing. As a mother, she anticipated that her daughter would participate in the form of art she was into.

Shakira was aware of her devotion despite her encouragement. Nidia’s husband, William was wealthy and undoubtedly had no financial issues, so she stayed home and raised their children.

Was music Shakira’s initial line of work?

She is currently a well-known and successful artist. She has admirers everywhere. However, the artist’s primary occupation was not music. She left Barranquilla at the tender age of thirteen and went to Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

The modelling gig was the primary driver of the trip. Since the modelling route didn’t pan out, she signed her first contract with Sony Music Colombia because the music was her true love. Her debut record was later released, and she is now a successful woman.

She described as singing like a goat by his daughter’s pals. Shakira regarded as one of the most successful ladies in the world right now. When questioned if her peers at middle school had ever described her as singing like a goat, she replied that they had done so in the past.

She believes it sounds more like passive harassment, though. But the artist overcame everything, and their friendship endured. Additionally, she kept their friendship going and realised that she didn’t have to change who she was for anyone just because somebody likened her vibrato to a goat’s bleating.

She preserved that vibrato, which later became her hallmark until the end. She acknowledged that she had not always been as self-assured as a child or a teenager.

But to deal with it, she gave credit to her parents because they were the ones who supported and encouraged her to declare herself. She expressed her gratitude for their assistance in enabling her to advance in life.

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