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Know About Richard Branson’s Ex-wife Kristen Tomassi,Early Life, Family, Physique, And Net Worth

Kristen Tomassi is a well-known American architect and designer. Kristen Tomassi is famous as the ex-wife of business magnate and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson.

Kristen Tomassi Early Life, Family, Physique

Kristen Tomassi was born in 1952 to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Tomassi in Southport, Connecticut. In 2022, she will be 70 years old. Mr. Joseph H. Tomassi worked for Libby International, a frozen and canned food manufacturer. She is of American descent and follows Christianity. we know very little about her family, siblings, and childhood. Kristen Tomassi’s height is 5 feet, and she weighs 45 kilograms.

Kristen Tomassi Education

Kristen Tomassi received her education at Concord (Massachusetts) Academy, where she studied architecture and design. she enrolled in New York’s Parsons School of Design at Fairfield University. She then attended Arizona State University’s School of Architecture.

Richard Branson and Kristen Tomassi’s Marriage

Richard Branson and his then-wife, Kristen Tomassi, had even tried an open marriage. Richard Branson married Kristen Tomassi, the daughter of a businessman, Joseph H. Tomassi, and the son of a former London magistrate, Edward James Branson. Tomassi, and Jacqueline Tomassi, on 22 July 1972 in England. Hubert McCann officiated their Anglican wedding at Holy Cross Church in Shipton-on-Cherwell. They tied the knot near Branson’s Manor Studios estate in Oxfordshire, England.

Kristen, born in Southport, Connecticut, was 20 years old when she married Richard, who was 21. Furthermore, at the time, Richard Branson’s ex-wife, Kristen Tomassi, was an architecture and design student. Moreover, Richard Branson’s ex-wife, Kristen Tomassi, was an architecture and design student. When it came to Branson, he was already achieving success at such a young age. He had converted the Manor House into a recording studio and hotel.

They could not, however, live together for long because marital problems had plagued their relationship since they married. Richard Branson mentioned in his autobiography ‘Losing My Virginity’ that he and his former wife, Kristen, had a strange sexual allergy to each other. He noticed that whenever he and Tomassi kissed, a painful rash spread across his body, taking nearly three weeks to heal. The now-divorced couple even saw numerous doctors, but nothing helped. Richard Branson and Kristen Tomassi eventually separated and divorced in 1979.

Kristen Tomassi’s Post-Divorce Relationship with Richard Branson

Richard Branson and his then-wife, Kristen Tomassi, had even tried an open marriage before deciding to divorce. However, Branson and Cyrille’s chemistry was a disaster. Cyrille Ayers, the then-partner of English singer-songwriter Kevin Ayers, married Branson. They later divorced because Kevin could not provide Kristen with the security she desired.

Kristen Tomassi married Axel Ball, a wealthy German property developer, after divorcing Ayers. He was her former husband’s business partner, who owned the Belmond La Residencia, a hotel in Deia’s center. The couple is currently living in Mallorca, Soller, enjoying their golden years in the natural surroundings.

While Richard Branson’s ex-wife, Kristen Tomassi, is content with her current boyfriend, Alex, Richard has been married to Joan Templeman Branson since 1989. They began dating while Richard was still married to Kristen, and Joan was still married to her first husband, Ronnie Leahy. Joan and Richard started living together only after their previous partners divorced.

Branson and Templeman have two grown children, Holly Branson and Sam Branson. Furthermore, they have five grandchildren, two from Sam Branson’s marriage to Isabella Calthorpe and three from Holly’s marriage to Freddie Andrewes. They are currently living a blissful life on their private island, Necker Island.

Kristen Tomassi’s Net Worth

Ms. Tomassi’s assets and wealth are derived from her work as an architect and designer. Her net worth is estimated to be around $600000.


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