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Bess Katramados: WWE Giant Big Show’s Wife, Early Life, Bio, Age, News

Bess Katramados is the wife of an American professional wrestler and actor who goes by the ring name “the Big Show.” Bless’s husband works for the raw brand of the WWE. He is best known for his time as “the Big Show,” which was his ring name (World Wrestling Entertainment). Big Show is a pro wrestler who works for WWE. His ring name, “Big Show,” is what most people know him by.

The big show is now the 11-time world tag team champion. A lot of well-known professional wrestlers helped him win this title. The big show has won this title for the last eleven years. The most accomplished athlete in history is the fantastic, incredible, colossal display. He is towering 7 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 383 pounds (or 176 kilograms), both of which are huge for a human body. He is the tallest athlete in the world because of his height.

Early Life

From being a famous American professional model along with a renowned Television personality in the past, Bess Katramados has remained to be in the limelight of the media most of the time. She is now famous for being the second wife of Paul Donald Wight II. He is a well-established Actor, American wrestler, and wrestling commentator as well. He is familiar with the industry by the name “Big Show”. 

During childhood, when most students dedicated to their studies, Bess was not interested in studying at all. In fact, she had a dream to pursue a career in modeling. She slowly started to invest her time and interest in modeling during high school and turned her dream into reality. 

Age, Height, & Body Measurements

Bess Katramados brought into the world on 13 July 1973 in Illinois, USA. She is currently 49 years old and still looks like she is in her 30s. Her ethnicity belongs to the Caucasian group and her sun sign is Cancer. If we talk about her height, she has an excellent height of 5 ft 8’ inches and weighs around 64 kg. Her body measurements are 34-26-35. Along with that, her physical attributes include her pretty hazel eyes and blonde hair. These characteristics are enough to make any man fall in love with her. Just like Paul Wight II a.k.a Big Show fell for her. 

Bess Katramados Relationship Status with Big Show

The most up-to-date information about Big Show’s relationship status is that he is currently married. Big Show’s wife, Bess Katramados, is the person who gives him the most ideas and motivation. One of the best wrestlers in the ring, but his first marriage and life with his first wife, Melissa Ann Piavis, were the most challenging parts of his life. This was because they didn’t get along very well. They decided to split up after only two years of marriage.


The world is already aware of the famous American wrestler and commentator, Big Show. His genuine name is Paul Donald Wight II. This massive wrestler is totally a beast when it comes to wrestling. Paul started his professional wrestling career in 1994. A year later in 1995, signed an agreement with the World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The organization gave him the title of “The Giant.” 

Later he introduced to WWF in 1999. Throughout the time of his wrestling career, he managed to secure 7 world championships by his name. 

‘The Giant’ was later diagnosed with a disease named ‘Acromegaly.’ It is a disease caused by excessive growth hormones that eventually leads to abnormal growth. 

Bess Katramados wife of WWE GIant Big Show

Big Show just married Bess Katramados, a former model from the United States, for the second time. Bess Katramados is now Big Show’s wife. Bess Katramados, Big Show’s current wife, was his girlfriend in 2000 when he was still married to his first wife. At the time, Big Show married. Big Show got a divorce from his first wife, who was also named Big Show. He then married a former model named Katramados. The first woman Big Show married also named Big Show.

Documents show that Bess Katramado, Big Show’s wife, was born on July 13, 1973, in the state of Illinois in the United States. She looks like she was born and raised in the state of Illinois, which would make her an American citizen. Big Show’s wife, Katramados, had a strange background, and not much known about her childhood or teenage years. The only person who known to have known her is Big Show.


Bess Katramados was very much passionate about becoming a model since her childhood. She developed her interest in the same and till the time she grew up, she achieved the milestone. She had a very successful career in the past. He was a former Television personality and a professional American model who later married the famous wrestler on 11 February 2002. None other than “Big Show”. She is her second wife with whom she shares a daughter and a son. Apart from that, her professional career was indeed very successful and her beauty is still the same as she used to possess when she was a model. 

Bess Katramados Professional Career

Big Show asked his wife for a divorce so he could be with Bess Katramados. He gave up her modeling career and job so she could be with Big Show and his whole family. This made Big Show and Bess Katramados’s love story an odd one. Katramados used to be a model, but she gave up her job to help Big Show get to the top of the wrestling world. Big Show says that Bess gave him the strength he needed to be successful and get to where he is now.

Have Big Show and Bess Katramados already had a baby of their own?

Big Show Bess Katramados best known as Big Show’s wife. She became more well-known after the couple married, not because she worked as a model for several agencies. Big Show Katramados Thanks to Big Show and Bess, the world has two new little girls. Big Show and Bess are very proud of their two daughters. Bess is the mother of the two children on the big show, but she is also Cierra’s stepmother. Big Show’s first child with his first wife was Cierra. 

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